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LKC website: About us

Welcome to the Cairns Hospital Library & Knowledge Centre, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service

About the LKC

To contribute to patient centred care we:

  • Promote and facilitate access to evidence based practice information resources
  • Support research and contribute to research, quality improvement and clinical governance priorities
  • Enable organisational learning and knowledge sharing

Manager, Library and Knowledge Services - Tony Courtenay

Librarian - Katrina Streich

Library Technician - Thomas Ang

Library Officer - Ginny McGinty

Establishment & facilities

1990 - Cairns Base Hospital Library established with Federal Government "Library Enhancement Grant" to serve far north Queensland health services, including Torres & Cape

2003 - Service Agreement with James Cook University signed for CBH Library to provide services to JCU medical & health students on clinical placement

2012 - Cairns Base Hospital renamed Cairns Hospital; Library renamed the "Library & Knowledge Centre"

Library Management System (LMS)

1990 - Alarm-Oasis LMS implemented

2002 - Dewey Decimal Classification system adopted (formerly NLM)

2004 - Voyager LMS implemented (shared system for all Queensland Health Libraries)

2014 - Koha LMS implemented by LKC team

Service developments

2012; 2015; 2018 - LKC QHEPS intranet redesigned

2013 - LKC Wifi access installed

2014 - LKC website published, using LibGuides; over 30 specialty (subject) guides published

2016 - The Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) & Open Athens implemented (cancelled Oct 2019)

2016 - 2021 - Manager LKC nominated to Chair Prevocational Medical Education Committee

2018 - 2019 Manager LKC became a member of the Patient Care Steering Committee

2019; 2022 - Major redesigns of LKC website & specialty guides

LKC planning and projects

The 2021 LKC survey did not return a statistically valid result (that is, there were not enough responses). However, there were some useful responses in the free text areas that LKC staff have collated and responded to in the report below. The LKC will plan another client survey in the near future, so as to obtain some usable data.

Survey results inform LKC business planning cycles. We conduct surveys at regular intervals to measure performance and identify areas for service improvement. Surveys are one of many mechanisms used for continuous improvement. See our annual report for further information. Comprehensive surveys of LKC client groups were conducted in 2013 and 2016.

Key projects are outlined in our 3 year plan - the LKC Roadmap 2020-2022. Currently we are working on:

  • Improving our support for the CHHHS Research Strategy by providing more specialised support

  • Identifying library service delivery opportunities within the Cairns University Hospital framework

  • Strengthening LKC support for consumer health literacy and engagement initiatives, building on the success of our Far North Wellbeing collaboration with public libraries

Contact us for further information.

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards 2nd edition

The LKC contributes to the implementation of the NSQHS standards within CHHHS through:

  • Membership of the CHHHS Patient Care Steering Committee (including accreditation)
  • Development of patient safety and quality resources, including:
    • Patient safety and quality specialty guide
    • Health literacy specialty guide
    • Infection control specialty guide
    • Patient safety and quality evidence updates - see Stay current page
  • Training in use of evidence based information resources

FNQ Library & Information Services

FNQ Library & Information Services group offers an opportunity to network and undertake professional development with library colleagues located across the far north Queensland region. LKC staff participate in this networking group.


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Love Letters to Libraries

Library jokes

Various Library jokes (from Virtual Museum of Native Women, Slideplayer)

You're in perfect health. Wait here while I check what you should take for that. (www.glasbergen,com)

You're good for my circulation.

Why did the banana go to the hospital? Because he wasn't peeling well!

"He asked me out in the non-fiction section of the I know he'll be true." (Jeff Stahler 2015)

Turn in your library book.....or I keep looking at you like this.

A teenager walks into the library and asks the librarian, "Can I please have a pepperoni pizza?". The librarian responds, "I'm sorry but this is a library!". The teenager realises and whispers, "Could I please have a pepperoni pizza?"

"I don't often bookmark pages....but when I do, I never look at them again".

"Good thing I have my library card......cuz I'm checking you out."

"I'm sorry sir - all our books on Houdini have disappeared." (

Keep calm and ask a librarian

NSQHS standards

Clincial governancePartnering with consumersPreventing and controlling healthcare-associated infectionMedication safetyComprehensive careCommunicating for safetyBlood managementRecognising and responding to acute deterioration

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