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Midwifery: Databases

LKC specialty guide about midwifery and for midwifery education within CHHHS

Searching databases

Effective database searching is a skill. The LKC and other HHS libraries offer training in how to search databases.

Other Queensland health / HHS staff

CKN access

CKN Database and POC Tool links

The following databases and point of care tools (POC) are useful for searching various aspects of midwifery and prenatal care. For further information, go to CKN List of Research Databases or Point of Care Tools OR  contact your local QH library. To access databases via CKN offsite, you must register or login.

Local POC tools

Your local library may have direct access to the following point of care tools:

  • Joanna Briggs Insititute (JBI)
  • UpToDate Anywhere

Contact your Queensland Health library for further information.

CKN products with patient information

The following CKN products contain patient information. Search for publication type 'patient information' or 'patient education' in research databases. Contact your local QH library for assistance. CKN access required.

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