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EndNote : Using EndNote with Word

LKC topic guide with information about using EndNote with PCs, including training opportunities and online resources.

Creating bibliographies

Sometimes you might need to simply create a stand-alone bibliography, without using CWYW. You can do this in a few quick steps:

  1. Select the correct referencing style in EndNote
  2. Select the references you want to add to the bibliography
  3. Right click and select "copy formatted"
  4. "Paste" into a Word document.


For more details, the link below is for the Clarivate Analytic's guide to creating stand-alone bibliographies.

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EndNote X9

What's new in EndNote X9

Using CWYW

CWYW is Cite While You Write, which is how you use EndNote to create citations and bibliographies in Word.

When you have EndNote installed on your computer, you will have access to a new toolbar in Word, as below:

Please note, this is how the toolbar displays in Word 2016. It may look different in other versions of Word, but the functions largely remain the same.

You can use this toolbar to toggle between Word and EndNote, insert citations and edit and manage your citations.

Edit and manage citations

When editing citations in CWYW it is important that you use the proper editing tools, available via the highlighted section in the toolbar below.

Field codes are the information embedded in your document that link it back to EndNote. It is a great idea to remove these codes before submitting your paper as they can affect formatting.

Click on the "convert citations and bibliography" menu bar option and scroll down to "convert to plain text". You will then have two copies of the document - one with the codes for your retention, and one without for you to submit or pass on to colleagues.

Is the EndNote style you are using not displaying exactly as you want it to? Then customise it - or make your own!

Macquarie University has instructions on how to customise a style, which can be found in the guide below.

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