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CHHHS Neonatal learning packages: Learning packages

Guide for Cairns & Hinterland Hospital & Health Service Neonatal learning packages and resources

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Cairns Hospital LKC can help to locate resources for your professional development. We can also assist with database / literature searching for Cairns & Hinterland and Torres & Cape HHS staff. Contact us for further assistance.

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Effective database searching is a skill. The LKC and other HHS libraries offer training in how to search databases.

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For copies of these articles contact Sarah Thomas on the details above. If not in Cairns & Hinterland HHS, contact your local Queensland Health libary.

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For further information relating to learning packages and neonatal education within CHHHS, contact:

Sarah Thomas

Nurse Educator, Neonatal Services | Nurse Education and Research Unit | Cairns & Hinterland Hospital and Health Service


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