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Welcome to the Cairns Hospital Library & Knowledge Centre, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service

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The LKC purchases resources for health units within Cairns & Hinterland or Torres & Cape HHS only.

A cost centre manager approved purchase request form is required. LKC uses corporate card for purchasing where possible for resources valued up to $3,000 (GST incl).

Changes to CHHHS Corporate Card approvals and delegations

CHHHS Finance changed process for corporate card authorisations on 1 July 2016. The new CHHHS Financial Delegation Framework came into effect on Monday 6 March 2017.

  • To streamline the process and comply with delegations, LKC purchase request form was changed
  • You must use the current LKC purchase request form version or you will be asked to redo the form
  • Only cost centre managers with appropriate levels of delegation can authorise a purchase request
  • If you are ordering specialist books or reference material from a 'sole' supplier and the item is valued over $3,000, you must check the Qld Contracts Directory - see link below
    • If the vendor / supplier is not on the SOA contracts directory, then you must provide a briefing note with your purchase request - see link below
    • NB Library staff will not prepare briefing notes for your purchase requests

SOA = Standing Order Arrangement

CKN access

Clinical Knowledge Network CKN logo

The Clinical Knowledge Network (CKN) website provides access to online resources for Queensland Health staff.

Staff can register for off-site access.

Who can use the LKC

The general public or patients can access free information via our Public resources section. Patients and members of the public can not join the LKC or access services.

Library membership and access to services for staff (CHHHS, TCHHS, QAS) and JCU staff & students based at Cairns Hospital outlines who is eligible to use the LKC and what services are available. RFDS staff have limited access to services (excludes online / CKN).

TAFE Qld North Nursing students are not eligible to access LKC services. Contact TAFE Qld North Library for assistance.

After hours access

After hours access is available to CHHHS staff with a Cairns Hospital access card. LKC registration is a prerequisite. JCU medical students access is on a case-by-case basis.

Complete the form below and send to the LKC. For further information about eligibility, approvals and protocols, see instructions.


Cairns Hospital LKC maintains a subscription to Survey Monkey on behalf of CHHHS. Contact the LKC to request access to Survey Monkey.

The use of commercial online survey tools must be undertaken with due care and consideration of all ethical and privacy conditions. For more information read "CHHHS Use of Web Survey Tools" procedure.

Contact us

Contact us directly:

  • +61 7 4226 6679
  • Email
  • 08:30-17:00

Closed weekends and public holidays.

CHHHS clinical resources online

LKC provides access to following databases, available to Cairns & Hinterland Hospital & Health Services staff. 

TCHHS staff can request copies of standards from LKC and should contact their Learning & Development Unit for assistance with other products. Other QH staff should contact their local QH Library for information.

Alternatively, all QH staff can go to CKN Point of Care Products and Research database for access to alternative products, eg DynaMed Plus, BMJ Best Practice, ClinicalKey, PEMsoft, etc.

Standards Online

LKC maintains a subscription to Standards Online (includes Australian and a limited number international standards) for the Cairns & Hinterland Hospital & Health Service. Online access is for CHHHS staff only.

Please contact the LKC for access details and support.

Torres & Cape health staff can also contact the LKC for assistance with Standards.

Tel. +61 7 4226 6679 | E:
Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service acknowledges and pays respect to the Aboriginal Traditional Owners and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, People, Consumers, and Staff, past and present, on whose land we provide health services.
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