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Welcome to the Cairns Hospital Library & Knowledge Centre, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service

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The Clinical Knowledge Network (CKN) website provides access to online resources for Queensland Health staff.

Staff can register for off-site access.

Meet the LKC team

Accreditation standards

LKC contributes to all Standards by providing access to tailored evidence based resources, searching for evidence training and by supporting quality and safety initiatives and research. Specifically, LKC addresses the following National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Clnical governanceCommunicating for safety

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About the LKC

To provide accessible and relevant library and knowledge services that support effective decision making, policy development, evidence-based practice, research and learning for our clients.

We aim to adopt innovative practices and technologies to support an organisational learning and knowledge sharing culture.

We are funded by CHHHS to provide services to Cairns & Hinterland (CHHHS) and Torres & Cape Hospital & Health Services staff; QAS and RFDS staff (limited access). We also have a service agreement to provide services to James Cook University students and staff on placement at Cairns Hospital.

Manager, Library and Knowledge Services - Juliet Marconi (permanent, full time)

Library Technician - Katrina Streich (permanent, full time)

Library Officer - Thomas Ang (permanent, part time 0.66 FTE)

Librarians - Fiona Jensen & Shibani Sinha (casual, part time 0.2-0.4 FTE)

Volunteer - Janis Stevens (Monday & Friday mornings)

In 1990 the Cairns Hospital Library was established with financial support from the Federal Government "Library Enhancement Grant" to serve the needs of health staff in the Cairns district. A librarian was appointed and commenced on 17 April 1990 to organise the previously fragmented library facilities.

In July 2001, the library moved into the new spacious location in A Block at Cairns Base Hospital. The classification system was changed from NLM classification scheme to Dewey Decimal Classification in 2002.

The first library system implemented in 1990 was Alarm-Oasis. The Voyager Library Management System was implemented in 2004 within a shared service arrangement for all Queensland Health Libraries, with access provided through the State Library of Queensland under a MoU. In 2014, Cairns Library team took the decision to purchase the lower cost, open source, web hosted Koha library management system through Prosentient with go live on 1 December 2014.

A service level agreement was signed with James Cook University in 2003. Under this agreement JCU provides funding to the Cairns Hospital Library for the provision of library services to all JCU Health Science students in 3rd year and above on clinical placement at the Cairns Hospital Campus.

There were major Library staffing changes from 2008. Reclassification of the AO3 Library Assistant to TO3 Library Technician role was approved in April 2018; with permanent appointment to that position in September 2008. A trainee (Cert III Library Assistant) was appointed in April 2009, with completion in May 2010. Recruitment for a casual, part time AO2 Library Assistant was undertaken in early 2012. With transition to retirement arrangements in 2012, and the subsequent resignation of the Director of Library Services incumbent in June 2013, acting arrangements for PO4 and TO3 positions were put in place until permanent appointments were finalised in 2014.

Cairns Base Hospital was renamed Cairns Hospital in 2012 and subsequently the Library was also renamed - to Cairns Hospital Library & Knowledge Centre.

The Library Assistant AO2 (0.66 FTE) casual position was changed to annual contract in 2012, with a successful reclassification to AO3 Library Officer role in 2014.

Following client feedback, the LKC developed a website in 2014, using LibGuides software (open source), to enable them to find library information remotely or from home. Since May 2015, a number of specialty guides on specific topics have been published and it is expected more will be developed to support the needs of clinical staff in the service.

In September 2015, the Manager of Library & Knowledge Services, received a CHHHS recognition award for excellent, innovative and dedicated work reflecting the teams' achievements in creating a more effective, client focused online environment.

The Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) was implemented to enable easier searching across products that required authentication in August 2016; with the EDS redesigned in May 2017 to improve the searching interface, results and integration of LibGuides content.

CHHHS underwent accreditation periodic review in March 2017 with the LKC receiving a special mention at the surveyor's summation conference (paraphrasing: If you haven’t gotten to the Library, make sure you do. It’s a very impressive service).

In October 2017, the AO3 Library Officer role was successfully converted from an annual contract to permanent (0.66 FTE) status under HR Directives; increasing LKC permanent staffing level to 2.66 FTE.

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LKC planning and projects

Following are key documents which guide the operational and strategic management of LKC.

Business plan

Annual reports

Collection management and development

Comprehensive surveys of LKC client groups were conducted in 2013 and 2016. The reports on this page also summarise any comparative data from previous surveys of the library service.

The survey results inform LKC business planning cycles. LKC aims to conduct future surveys every 5 years to measure performance and identify areas for service improvement.

Surveys are not the only mechanism used for continuous improvement, however. See annual reports for further information.

2016 Client survey
Feedback about improvements and how we will address issues are outlined in the improvements feedback summary and action plan. Here's a visual summary of the positive feedback we've received about our services and the team.

LKC survey 2016 word cloud postive feedback

2013 Client survey
First comprehensive client survey conducted by LKC after the implementation of the 2012-14 LKC business plan.

The LKC is undertaking a number of projects in order to improve services and ensure vitality as a centre for knowledge and information sharing. Currently we are working on:

  • implementation of a authenticated option for LKC resources (Ebsco EDS). Search LKC (using EDS) was implemented late August 2016. The challenge now is to provide more e-resources via Search LKC.
  • developing project proposal for a searchable, digital repository of CHHHS knowledge resources (like historical documents and photos)

Contact us for further information.

LKC contributes directly to following current ACHS EQuIP National Guidelines - Standard 14 Information Management criteria:

14.7.1 Linking databases within & across units and dept to provide access to data | Organisation uses data from external databases and registers for: research, development, improvement activities, education, corporate and clinical decision making and improvement of care and services.

14.8.1 Ensuing reference and resource material meets needs of staff | Staff have access to contemporary reference and resource materials

CHHHS underwent a periodic review for accreditation 13-17 March 2016. Below is LKC presentation in response to these criteria.

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LKC closures

We are closed weekends & public holidays. Eligible clients can apply for after hours access.


Mon      1 Jan (New Years Day)
Fri        26 Jan (Australia Day)
Fri        30 Mar (Easter)
Mon      2 Apr (Easter)
Wed     25 Apr (ANZAC Day)
Mon      7 May (Labour Day)
Fri        20 Jul (Cairns Show Day)
Mon      1 Oct (Queens Birthday)
Mon      24 Dec (Christmas Eve, TBC)
Tue       25 Dec (Christmas Day)
Wed     26 Dec (Boxing Day)
Thu-Fri  27-28 Dec (Compulsory closure)
Mon      31 Dec (Compulsory closure)

FNQ Library & Information Services

FNQ Library & Information Services group offers an opportunity to network and undertake professional development with library colleagues located across the far north Queensland region. LKC staff participate in this networking group.


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Contact us

Contact us directly:

  • +61 7 4226 6679
  • Email
  • 08:30-17:00

Closed weekends and public holidays.

LKC Service issues, complaints and feedback

Have you experienced an incident within the LKC or do you have some feedback about our services? Please use our online or PDF form to notify us formally.

If you'd like to speak with LKC Manager privately, you are welcome to call, tel. 07 4226 6415.

The attached work instruction provides further details and describes the process.

LKC postal address

Library & Knowledge Centre
Cairns Hospital
PO Box 902

LKC location

Cairns Hospital
Level 2, A Block
165 The Esplanade, Cairns QLD 4870

LKC Floor Plan

Love letters to Libraries

Library Lovers' Day 14 Feb 2018

Library jokes

Various Library jokes (from Virtual Museum of Native Women, Slideplayer)

Submitted by Aniket Bansod.

You're in perfect health. Wait here while I check what you should take for that. (www.glasbergen,com)

Submitted by Leesa Philip

You're good for my circulation. (Biblioboard)

Submitted by Fiona Jensen

Why did the banana go to the hospital? Because he wasn't peeling well!

Submitted by Natasha Weisz

"He asked me out in the non-fiction section of the I know he'll be true." (Jeff Stahler 2015)

Submitted by Naveen Manchal

Turn in your library book.....or I keep looking at you like this.

Submitted by Christine Finch

A teenager walks into the library and asks the librarian, "Can I please have a pepperoni pizza?". The librarian responds, "I'm sorry but this is a library!". The teenager realises and whispers, "Could I please have a pepperoni pizza?"

Submitted by Aakash Nanda.

"I don't often bookmark pages....but when I do, I never look at them again".

Submitted by Kylie Dixon

"Good thing I have my library card......cuz I'm checking you out."

Submitted by Jennifer Mann.

"I'm sorry sir - all our books on Houdini have disappeared." (

Submitted by Lisa Evans.

Keep calm and ask a librarian

Submitted by Denise Craig

LKC facilities update 2009 - current

CBH Library 2009

JCU construction works

Completed Airport lounge Bench

JCU construction completed


Old feature walls, old carpet!

Modified bench

More ergonomic

LKC Reception

Before the painting begins

Painting starts

Aug 2015 Painting begins

LKC main area

Painting - Aug to Sept 2015

LKC entrance December 2015

Painting finished, Recarpeting about to commence

Main area

From beige to grey

LKC office

Old carpets

Book room

Old carpet out, new carpet in. Yes we moved all the books!


Fiona loving the new carpet!

Main hallway

New carpet progressing


Finally finished

Main area

Finally finished

Journal Study room

Looking good!

Journal Study room

Very comfy...

Book room

More space to move

LKC office

So much better!


All finished and colour coordinated!

LKC Study room

Bookable room, new chairs

Study and lounge area

New carpet!

Book ends

Final touch of colour

Study carrels in the book room

Some more colour

Bay ends and shelf signage

Subject signs on the shelves

Main library area

Final look

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